Professional Tooth Crowns

Professional Tooth Crowns

We are able to fit artificial crowns for teeth which have become broken or damaged, these are special caps which cover the tooth to add strength and improve the appearance.

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Professional Tooth Crowns

Our team of experts can fit professional tooth crowns to fix broken teeth and restore the original function and appearance. This ensures that the patient will still be able to chew normally without discomfort or pain. These are designed to match the existing colour and shape in order to give a natural and realistic look.

For further details on this procedure, please feel free to get in touch with us and speak to a specialist today. We can talk through our prices and help you decide on the best option for your treatment.



Experienced Dental Surgeons

If you need specialist dental care, we offer a variety of services such as basic oral health and cosmetic techniques. We are able to offer emergency procedures in addition to creating a regular plan with different cosmetic treatments. Simply tell us what you need and our team of specialists will ensure you have the best possible care through the treatment. 

Why not get in touch straight away for additional info on the numerous dental care solutions we will supply. We will respond as fast as possible to answer any questions you have regarding professional tooth crowns or any of our other services.

Fitting an Artificial Crown

Not everyone has the genetic makeup that provides us with a perfect smile, and exterior factors could also effect our own teeth. When you are frustrated with the way your current smile looks, you'll find quite a few cosmetic dentistry treatments which could improve this. The processes of cosmetic dental work are performed to enhance the look of a person’s smile. A porcelain crown is a cap which is placed over the existing damaged tooth in order to improve the appearance and make it usable again.

Our team can create a plan for you which is completely tailored to exactly what you want, and will match your current appearance. An experienced cosmetic dentist is able to make every person's smile beautiful, but also unique and even more natural looking than before. We provide a wide array of specialist treatment options including fitting new crowns, bridges and veneers to suit the diverse demands of our patients.

A professional dental practitioner will ask you how you'd like your new smile to look and then recommend the most suitable treatment plans to make this happen for you. The kind of treatment methods are totally dependent on what the person needs, however we offer a variety of treatments including the porcelain crown. We offer a contouring procedure to enhance the shape of the gums and remove extra tissue creating a better smile.



Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Many patients choose the option of having a porcelain crown fitted if their tooth has chipped or become damaged due to disease. The procedure involves attaching a specially shaped cap which completely covers the original tooth to add strength where it has broken.

We also offer tooth implants, whitening and fit brand new veneers. If you are missing any of your teeth, implants can vastly boost your well being, overall health, and self esteem. To help make the implants as natural as possible, they are put in with an artificial root structure as well as a surface crown. As a result, the dental implants feel and look like real teeth, plus they work in the same way too.

These implanted roots and crowns allow you to chew every kind of food as they work in the same way as healthy teeth. Since they function much like genuine teeth, the implants offer more added benefits than the cosmetic look. If you've got yellowing on your teeth, you may plan to have them made whiter through the laser treatment.

Restoring Damaged Teeth

If teeth are cracked or needing reshaping, dental veneers are generally an option, as well as crowns that strengthen the natural tooth. Lots of people have orthodontic braces to fix smiles that aren’t completely straight, this tends to be a regular procedure designed to straightens the smile. Sometimes athletes or other individuals sustain facial traumas which may bring about tooth loss or damage to their jaws. Missing teeth may be replaced through using implants, and our experts could also confer with doctors as to whether you will need a jaw bone reconstruction.

Cosmetic dentistry costs are calculated with a case to case strategy. For many one procedure could be provided, however other individuals might need a extended course of action with more techniques. We will always try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, even so the feel of getting a good smile is absolutely invaluable. Each of the costs involved will depend on the needs of the client, so we would advise having a budget beforehand so you can discuss this with us. Using an examination, an experienced dentist will be able to explain every one of the payment types that we have, and decide on what would be right with regards to your own care.



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